Monday, August 9, 2010

New Adventure In Zumba

Oh WOW!!! Where do I start. First be prepared to LYBO (laugh your butt off)

I have several deficients going for me:

When I thought I would be shaking some things that hadn’t been shaken in a long time if ever, I never dreamed it would be the sagging skin around my stomach. OMG!!!!! As I leaped to the right it was only swinging to the right by the time I needed to leap to the left! Talk about a disaster in the making. The collusion course was not a pretty picture.

My balance is certainly a problem, but I think I can overcome that by over compensating in other ways.

I have always known in church I can’t sing and clap at the same time. Well, I am just as uncoordinated with Zumba. If the bottom half (legs) is activated I cannot participate with the hands. I am the WORST white woman alive—absolutely no rhythm. Talk about a comedy!!!

Zumba has a basis of swiveling the hips (at the hips). My knees are heavily involved in this action.

I think I spent as much energy laughing at myself as I did attempting to do the moves. The lady next to me asked me if this was my first time. I said, “Yea, I’ve never seen this done and I have no idea what I am doing.” She said, “Well, I suggest you do the leg work and don’t worry about the arms.” I think she was a quick study on a full fledge train wreck about to happen. I thanked her! Several minutes later she said, “Just step to the side then to the other side, then double step. You will get the hang of it. It will be easier on Wednesday.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I couldn’t attend but on Mondays and I doubted it would be any easier means I am not coordinated. I smiled and keep sweating and stepping. I did start to get the hang of some moves.

Then the true hindrance sat in. My Neuropathy. I made it 45 minutes of the hour class and knew I had to quit. My left foot was throbbing. My left toe was screaming. Tonight I have a limp. I have weak knees so some things were very difficult, but I can compensate for that relatively easily. Of course the fat (sagging skin) is a problem. Actually it is swinging skin. I’m sure it is more bothersome to me than it is notable to anyone else. I’m just afraid if I leap to high I will give myself 2 black eyes! :0)

I was very proud of myself though. 2 years ago I could not have moved at all, let alone actually enjoyed the movement and the sweat. I’ve found I LOVE TO SWEAT! Last year that was not the case! I hated to sweat and tended to avoid anything that made me sweat. It felt so good, until my foot threw it’s fit. I plan to try it again next week!! I think! We’ll see what my foot has to say tomorrow. I think it has the bigger vote.

Okay you can pick yourself up off the floor. Mom and dad were about to fall out of their chairs when I told them about it all. I am certainly a mess when it comes to rhythm and coordination involving 2 opposite directions, involving 2 different limbs, etc. I know it will improve with time, just like the lady next to me said. As for the hip action instead of the knee action---well, I’ve never been good at shaking my booty. Belly dancing is definitely out of the question!! I was probably even a disaster with a hula hoop!!

Until the next adventure…..!!!

Always a valley before a hill.
~American Proverb~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Think Before You Eat

Think before you eat 8/1/10

Today I got up and dad fried some bacon for breakfast. I don’t often eat breakfast, but bacon sounded good. I have eaten bacon in the past and no problems. Well, I went to church about an hour after eating. As I was driving to church I suddenly started to get cramping under my right breast. I told my friend Mellonie I was having cramps. I made it through the 1st song and had to sit down. I sat through the next 2 songs and decided to get up and walk. So I told Mellonie I was going for a walk. We had joked about gas earlier. I had a tough time walking upright. I made it to the teen’s room and laid down on the couch. The pain radiated to my right shoulder and collarbone. After 15 minutes I was feeling better and thought I would get up and go back to the service. I made it 3 steps and knew I was in trouble. Mellonie was searching the hallway for me and ran into me. She said, “Are you okay?!” I said, “Yea, I think I am in the middle of a dumping episode and I am going home to lie down. I will see you at the picnic.” She asked if I could drive or she could take me home. I said I could drive. I went into the auditorium and got my keys and water bottle (thank goodness I sat on the back row). I went home and laid down for an hour and got up feeling fine. At the picnic Mellonie said an older lady sitting on our row asked if I was okay because I looked horrid. Mellonie told her she thought it was just gas. Anyway, on the way home I got to thinking the bacon was cured in maple syrup. We hadn’t even thought about how that might affect me. Won’t be doing that again!!!! At one point I thought I was having a heart attack or appendicitis. I soon realized when I got up from the teen’s room and was headed back to the service that it was a dumping episode and I needed to go lie down for awhile. I just hope I never have another one of those episodes. Now to remember to think about what I am eating, even if I think I’m eating okay. Who would have thought “cured in maple syrup” would affect one so.

Give me a challenger that just might have the strength to take me down,
But give me the confidence to believe I will remain the champion.
~DeAnn M Cornwell~